Dino Art is a systematic way of teaching art to young children; the syllabus of which is designed in such a way as to facilitate better understanding of geometric concepts. It offers a platforms for young children to express their imagination and to be creative.

The program teaches how to draw, sketch, colour, paint, batik art and also trains the child in simple handcraft and this program increases the dexterity of the child’s thinking and imagination, and teaches patience and perseverance.

The hand-eye coordination and honing of fine motor skills helps the child to draw better. The child learns to appreciate art and nature. Give children an opportunity to become a better learner and thinker by continuing their education in Dino Art.

The 7 main categories in Dino Art

a)      Picture and colour skills
b)      Creative background skills
c)      Geometric structure skills
d)      Lively effect drawing skills (2D- basic)
e)      Lively effect drawing skills (3D- advance)
f)      Batik art colouring skills
g)      i-clay and handcraft skills

This program is recognized by Saito Academy as a complete art learning program suitable for young children, primary and secondary learners. Learners who have completed this program would be exempted from the Saito Basic Course at Saito Academy.

Upon the completion of Dino Art, a certificate would be awarded that is jointly issued by:

  • Saito Academy
  • International Magic Society
  • Batik Drawing Corporation


Course Structure

Learners’ levels                  : Suitable for primary and secondary school learners

Entry requirements           : None

Certifying Authorities       :  Universal Edu-Link Academy, in collaboration with Saito Academy

Course session                   : 2 hours per week (to be allocated flexibly)

Medium of instruction      : Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin or English

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