Glorious English



Glorious English emphasize greatly on International Phonetic Symbols (IPS). Glorious English aspires to provide an accurate and quality reading series for children. The relationship between phonetic transcription and spoken language is vital.

The advantages of International Phonetic Symbols (IPS):

  • IPS can differentiate similar sounds
  • IPS helps to correct mistakes
  • IPS shows the precise sound, nothingĀ  ambiguous
  • IPS is not influenced by human instructor
  • IPS can show the significant differences of words
  • IPS helps to save time

Glorious English incorporate IPS as well as the mastery of language skills:

  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Dialogues
  • Revision

Program Structure

Goodies English
Elementary Level
Intermediates Level
Higher Level


Admission Requirement

Each new learner takes an initial placement test upon registration in order to determine their current language ability. Upon completion, they are allocated a class that matches their level as lessons are based on level rather than age, leading to more effective learning.

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