Students Academic Achievement Rewards Programme (SAARP)

Our token of appreciation to our young learners

A person’s achievement is not measured by the amount of success they gain, but by the amount of effort they put to achieve success. It is no ordinary feat to stand out uniquely among the rest. It takes a great amount of persistence, perseverance and strength. Our learners have those values in them and they prove that they are true champions. This is the concept that we instill in our learners when they enroll into UCMAS.

We, at UCMAS, recognize and appreciate their consistent efforts to excel. That is the reason why we have the SAARP program. The SAARP is the UCMAS way of giving back to the learners. It’s our way of presenting our token of appreciation to all our UCMAS learners who have passed their public national examinations with flying colours.

The SAARP correlates to the UCMAS objective, which is to continually provide education with a difference with our excellent and trusted mental development programmes, to people everywhere, all over the world. We also take it as our corporate social responsibility towards all our learners and champions since they have learned with UCMAS from a young age.
This reward programme aims to reward existing and former learners of UCMAS. Moreover, this programme also aims to increase the academic quality of our learners. Details are as below:


Reward (RM)

UPSR Kebangsaan 5 100
4 50
Jenis Kebangsaan 7 100
6 50
PMR 7 100
6 50
SPM 8 100
7 50
STPM 5 100
4 50

Disclaimer: The following subject is applicable to UCMAS Malaysia only. Kindly refer to your respective national franchisees for more information.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Learner has participated in UCMAS Graduation Ceremony.
  • Learner has to provide a copy of their certified UPSR/PMR/SPM/STPM certificate along with a personal completed profile (the personal profile form will be provided by UCMAS).
  • Learner has to attach a copy of UCMAS graduation certificate.



  • Learner has to submit all the information required to respective UCMAS Center’s Principle within one month after the announcement of UPSR/PMR/SPM/STPM result. Then, UCMAS Center’s Principal will compile all the submissions and pass the information on to the UCMAS International Headquarters. The rewards will be presented during the UCMAS Graduation Ceremony or State Competition.
  • The beneficiary has to attend and collect the reward personally as representative is not allowed.
  • UCMAS will not accept any late submission, but learners can retain the qualification for the following year’s submission.

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