UCMAS is proven to enhance the concentration power and improve the mental calculation skills for my children.

Father’s Name: Fong Chee Yoong

Mother’s Name: Lee Wai Wan

Children: Vincent, Royce



UCMAS has improved the speed and accuracy of my children mathematics skills. It has also help in strengthening his memory capacity whilst enhancing his concentration power. I trust and believe that UCMAS will be able to credit a better future for my child.

Father’s Name: Tee Seng Poh

Mother’s Name: Wong Su Ling

Children: Tee Wei Hern



UCMAS has provided a conducive and pleasant learning environment for our children with dedicated and hard working teachers, our children has acquired the necessary skills and confidence to excel in their studies.

Father’s Name: Gan Siew Chuan

Mother’s Name: Chong Swee Yong

Children: Gan Zi Liang, Gan Hui Moon



I am very glad that I have chosen UCMAS  for my kids. After only one year, Iam very impressed with my kid’s performances. She is more concentrated and confident. Moreover, she can calculate faster. I just want to say we really thanks and love UCMAS.
Father’s Name: OUM Soaraoth
Mother’s Name: KRY Malyn
Children: SOA RAOTH Sokhethida


UCMAS is very positive enriching program. It instills the levels of self confidence and education in children. Although it is hard work. The benefit and the rewards are worth it.
Father’s Name: Ayad Jihayel

Mother’s Name: Hala Jaloudi

Children: Jad Jihayel



Wadood is improving with his focus & expected to do well in the future with UCMAS efforts.

Father’s Name: Taugeer Khalial

Mother’s Name: Shazma

Children: Wadood Bin Taugeer



UCMAS has developed  children’s thinking skills & improved  concentration & enchances  children’s memory. the children will become cleverer & smarter, improve their power of logical thinking, understanding, imagination & memory.

Father’s Name: Hasan Ladadweh

Mother’s Name: Riham Yaghmour

Children: Ehab Ladadweh



This wonderful program has uplifted my children to the top. We thanks UCMAS for giving the bright future to our son Vishvaharan from Sri Lanka. Wish you all the success.

Father’s Name: A.Chelvendran

Mother’s Name: Vishvaharan



I have experienced that UCMAS programme is important for many reasons. It has made student reactions go faster and enhances student concentration in classroom.

Father’s Name: Elias

Mother’s Name: Marie

Children: Peter Abou Haider



It is a place where one learn Maths with fun. Skills gained from UCMAS helped me to developed Maths knowledge, improved speed and accuracy in solving academic school activities. UCMAS education significantly built the confidence in me to face any challenges to my brain power. Proud to be a UCMAS graduate!

Father’s Name: Krishnamoorthy Sundaragopal

Mother’s Name: Rengarajan Ranjana

Children: Sundaresh Sundaragopal



I’m very impressed with UCMAS program and how it has impacted own my son’s performance, not just in his academic life. He is a lot more focused, creative, accurate and his retention level has increased tremendously.

Mother’s Name: Liz Kunjah

Children: Darius Ku jah



I am very satisfied with UCMAS mental math program.We have noticed tremendous improvement in my son Dennis’s math skills. Now he has cultivated friendship with numbers and his confidence in maths has increased tremendously. He can utilize his mental math skills in daily activities and school homework. In addition his speed and accuracy has improved a lot.

Parents : Mr. Lawrance Xavier
Children : Dennis Xavier



Oliver was very happy attending the UCMAS class.

Father’s Name : Walid ( SEO )
Mother’s Name : Carol ( Marketer )
Daughter’s Name : Oliver Kai (7)



Gaby has joined UCMAS Mental Arithmetic Program since she was in Kindergarten (May 2010). When she entered Primary School last year, she had already possessed excellent mental calculation ability far above the school curriculum. In addition, her memory and concentration has also improved significantly. Not only get 1st rank at school, she also wins several abacus and maths competition. Thank you UCMAS for this excellent program!

Father’s Name : Adi Kurniawan Halim ( Entrepreneur )
Mother’s Name : Ferlina Rusli
Children : Zefanya Gabriel Berliana Halim (7)



In addition to our daughter’s abilities in math, we have noticed an amazing improvement in her analytical skills as well as concentration levels. Through out her enrollment in the Smart Mind’s center over the last 3 years, we have experienced the utmost cooperation and helpfulness from the entire team.

Father’s Name : Hatem Tieby ( Business Owner )
Mother’s Name : Hala Jardaneh
Children : Jenna Tieby (9)



This is the world’s best brain development programme. No Doubt.

Father’s Name : CL. Ehsan ( Business Man )
Mother’s Name : Rukhsana
Children : Huzaifa (12)



My daughter’s interest in maths increased a lot. She calculates all numbers she sees. She tops her class in maths. Her memory has improved a lot. Thank you UCMAS.

Father’s Name : Prasad Kondepudi ( Engineer )
Mother’s Name : Usha Kondepudi
Children : Uma kondepudi (6)

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