UCWorld2U – Learning just got FUN!

We are now living in an era where a large collection of once-sophisticated technologies have been compressed into simple-looking devices. The interactivity of these devices never fails to entertain us, which is somehow why we are attracted to the virtual world more.

This same reason is why children of this modern-age are attracted to technological devices. They need to be tech-savvy to catch up with the advancements of the modern society. To get these children to study from a book is indeed a difficult task and we realize the hardships parents undergo to accomplish that.

Recognizing this problem has enabled us to come up with a solution that is proven to be beneficial to all parties. That is why we, at UCMAS, created the UCWorld2U.

The UCWorld2U is your one-stop online portal to everything related to UCMAS. It is specially-designed tobring you information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. Apart from this common search engines feature, the UCWorld2U offers other services such as e-mail newsletters, UCMAS news, information from our database and even entertainment content.


UCWorld2U has 4 primary functions:

  • Academic Portal
  • E-Learning Tool
  • Social Community
  • Online Gaming Portal


Don’t think that “just playing” means “not learning”

As an academic portal, UCWorld2U functions as a new world for our learners to explore our innovative program with more interactivity. UCWorld2U functions as a one-stop portal for parents to review the academic progress of their children in UCMAS.

As an e-learning tool, UCWorld2U presents amazing features that help learners to stimulate their mental development at the comfort of their home. Now, learners can get extra tutorial even when their classes are over.

As a social community, UCWorld2U connects learners and parents from around the world to share their progress reports and success stories with UCMAS. It also will introduce substantial and pervasive changes to communication between learners of UCMAS.

As an online gaming portal, the UCWorld2U opens doors to a world of exciting and amazing brain-games that encourage mental development. The games would feature score-based ranking systems set for international standards to encourage learners to play better. These rankings would also allow parents to evaluate the progress of their child among the thousands of UCMAS learners worldwide with a simple click.

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