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Are you a leader or a follower?

Leaders are entrepreneurs. They are willing to take the risk. They will walk bravely against all odds and soldier on to the beyond to achieve the success they want. That success is much more defined when you work hand-in-hand with other aspiring leaders to achieve it. Which is why you should join us a franchisee.

We at UCMAS are looking for capable individuals who are willing to partner with us to change the world and touch the lives of children through education.














Here are the Top 10 reasons on why you should own a franchise with UCMAS:

Own a franchise with UCMAS

Corporate Image and Brand Awareness


How To Join Us As A Franchisee


CONTACT US to apply and you are welcomed to a brief introduction about our franchise business opportunity every Friday at 10:00 am at the principal office. Appointment must be made 3 days before to the visit.

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