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The UCMAS Tool

Since the earliest times of civilization, there has been an invention that has helped to create geniuses of the era. This invention is a simple tool that can help an average person to be a better thinker. This age-old invention has travelled far across the globe and has been shared by civilizations around the world for the betterment of mankind as a whole. This tool is simply known as the Abacus.

In the early stage through the practical teaching and proof from researchers, mental arithmetic had mobilised the learning initiative of children in mathematical concept, and gave free reign to develop their right brain. This allowed the children to react faster, think nimbler and smartly, understand deeper and obtain a stronger remembrance on the lessons taught in school. Recognizing the causality of objects is the substantial feature of human thought.

This recognition was formed and developed by the influence from living and educational factors during the infant period of the child. Mental arithmetic works effectively in strengthening children’s ability in abstract thought. Recognizing the causality of objects causes children to think smarter, strengthen their contingency ability; and also uphold their competitiveness, conception and judgement.

UCMAS applies the abacus mental arithmetic teaching method of as the enlightened teaching for the children. The method will be able to double up the effectiveness and subsequently shorten their comprehensive time and obtain the effectiveness faster. The formation and development of mathematical concept and operation ability is the important part in developing children’s thoughts.

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