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Course Structure

Students will be taught:


  • Fundamental work

  • Listening calculation

  • Visual calculation

  • Formula conceptualization

  • Bead imagination

  • Multiplication memorization

  • Bead manipulation

  • Mental calculation

  • Combination of subtraction from a lower order & addition to higher order rods

  • Addition upper & subtraction of lower beads simultaneously

  • Abacus calculation

  • Multiplication

  • Multiplication with decimal points

  • Division

  • Division with decimal points

  • Multiplication of percentage

  • Square root operations



Course Duration / Session

Every child takes four months to complete each level. The session is conducted once a week and

2 hours per session.


Class Size

As the programme requires time on concentration and calculation, each session is limited

to only a small number of learners in a classroom to give everyone full attention and care

from our dedicated trainers.

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