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I am very glad that I have chosen UCMAS  for my kids. After only one year, Iam very impressed with my kid’s performances. She is more concentrated and confident. Moreover, she can calculate faster. I just want to say we really thanks and love UCMAS.

Father’s Name: OUM Soaraoth

Mother’s Name: KRY Malyn

Children: SOA RAOTH Sokhethida


It is unbelievable that my son can perform speedy & accuracy mathematical calculations. He is able to calculate much faster than other mathematical methods by studying about one year only. We would like our son to join UCMAS International Competition to see his ability. We are thankful to UCMAS Educational Program.

Father’s Name: Meng Phallkun 
Mother’s Name: Keo Mom
Children: Meng Laysunn


We have noticed that our son is able to write and count numbers better, especially he can remember numbers more than before. 

Father’s Name: Dol Yot     
Mother’s Name: Lerg Charitha
Children: Yot Thapharharith 

Parents' Testimonials  (updated: March 2018)


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