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Chanda has been outstanding in math at school and recognized as such every year since he started UCMAS. He is affectionately known as ‘The calculator’. Even more impressive is the fact that he consistently achieves grade A in all other subjects at school proof that UCMAS has contributed to making him an all-round star!

Father’s Name: Dennis Lumpabo

Mother’s Name: Carlyn Davies

Children: Chanda Lupambo

Parents' Testimonials  (updated: March 2018)


“Lizelle started UCMAS at 5 years old. I noticed a change in her creativity within two weeks. She became extremely artistic, her drawings even winning an A+ On an eisteddfod level.  I wish for all parents to see this miraculous program as an opportunity to develop each child’s potential, and I highly recommend this program as well as proper dedication and commitment from the parent to make a success out of it and their child.”

Father’s Name : Proon Liebenberg (Director of Essential Sterolin Products)
Mother’s Name : Lize Liebenberg (Architect)
Daughter’s Name : Lizelle Liebenberg


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