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UCMAS is very positive enriching program. It instills the levels of self confidence and education in children. Although it is hard work. The benefit and the rewards are worth it.

Father’s Name: Ayad Jihayel

Mother’s Name: Hala Jaloudi

Children: Jad Jihayel


Due to my son attending UCMAS classes I have not only noticed his fast performance in solving math, problem but I have also noticed his school teaches his amazing speed counterintuitive which was reflected on his life style. On the other hand, his strength of observation in all circumstances and love for competition become stronger.

Father’s Name: Mutasem

Mother’s Name: Linda

Children: Moataz Fakhoury


In addition to our daughter’s abilities in math, we have noticed an amazing improvement in her analytical skills as well as concentration levels. Through out her enrollment in the Smart Mind’s center over the last 3 years, we have experienced the utmost cooperation and helpfulness from the entire team.

Father’s Name : Hatem Tieby ( Business Owner )
Mother’s Name : Hala Jardaneh
Children : Jenna Tieby (9)

Parents' Testimonials  (updated: March 2018)


The system of UCMAS in a great one for talented children, the party that is responsible for conversing this system for one children is also respectful including all their members. I wish there was a UCMAS for parents! Thank you.

Father’s Name    :  Raed
Mother’s Name    :  Fatima
Daughter’s Name    :  Zaid AE Tahrowry


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