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My son started UCMAS four and a half years ago and I noticed great improvement in his mental abilities in using numbers and that helped him a lot in studying mathematics. He is now able to manage all mathematical problems easily. Also, I see that he becomes more active which motivate me to enroll all my children in this fantasic program.

Father’s Name: Ibrahim Samir

Mother’s Name: Nadia Safwat

Children: Mahmoud


UCMAS is a special program as it helps my son a lot in improving his concentration and in general. his grades in school has improved noticeably. i'd like to mention that course instructor are superb and very well chosen especially in dealing with little children as my son loves UCMAS

Father’s Name: Mostafa Amin

Children: Yassin

Parents' Testimonials  (updated: March 2018)


UCMAS is a really wonderful and I see its effect on my daughter not only in math but also in the mental, social growth and many more. I'd like to thank all who contributed to this program and who made it available for us. 

Father’s Name: Fahmy Hassan

Mother’s Name: Radwa Ali

Children: Yousra


UCMAS is beyond excellent as it develops children's mental, helps to improve their concentration and imagination and I'm sure that it will change all Egypt children. I wish my son to be one of this great generation, we really honored to have great programs like this.

Father’s Name: Ali Mostafa

Mother’s Name: Marwa Ahmed

Children: Mohamed


I see that UCMAS is a very good training for child’s brain by doing arithmetic, I noticed the effect on my son after nine months in his excellent concentration and even in playing, and also I noticed his great ability to solve large calculations easily compared to other children of the same age. 

Father’s Name: Mohsen Nazmy 
Mother’s Name: Walaa Mahmoud    
Children: Khaled 


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