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After only one year, UCMAS KAZAKHSTAN achieved great results. There are no limits for UCMAS.  We are grateful to have discovered UCMAS KAZAKHSTAN!!!  THANK you.
Special thanks to our teacher Bota

Mother’s Name: Kalabaeva Dshulia
Children: KONNOV ANDREY ,8 Years old


I would like to thank you for your organizational skills and your course instructor for putting amazing efforts in my son’s skills. In 29th of November my son Tagir took part in the International Game and showed good results. The staff of UCMAS Center is very responsive and friendly. I’m very impressed by the system of stimulating students to the victory by competitions and encouraging them with prizes!

Father’s Name: Zhaisanbaer Shaodarber  
Mother’s Name: Kim Deno
Children: Zhaisanbaer Taqir


We’d heard about UCMAS from our friends and went to see the presentation. My daughter was interested in this program, she had a desire to improve her mathematical skills. My daughter is on the seventh level now. She has been working so hard for 3 years to make her best. It was a team work: instructor’s, her and mine. Now I see her results. She became more concentrated in her studies, improved her memory, and increased her diligence. I’m thankful to the UCMAS team, especially to our teacher.

Father’s Name: Jambulor Berik
Mother’s Name: Jambulova Zhanar  
Children: Jambulova Ayanat


We are  very satisfied by UCMAS Program. We see the eagerness in our two boys when they come from school. With the help of this program my elder son makes progress at school; my younger son became active and creative in the kindergarten. In my opinion, UCMAS helps children to improve their skills and make best choices in everyday life.

Father’s Name: Zhymanalin Enlan 
Mother’s Name: Raisbekova Dlenyept   
Children: Alinas Aisulton 

Parents' Testimonials  (updated: March 2018)


Our son Erasyl attends UCMAS class and we like it. We’ve noticed that he is more attentive now. He became more confident. Also he can think and make decisions faster than usual. He does his homework without our help. He has got great improvements in mathematics as well.

Father’s Name: Makajanor Erfan  
Mother’s Name: Makjanova Madina 
Children: Erfanuly Erasul 


After two levels, the child showed increased concentration and attention span. With regular training on his abacus he achieved great success. 
The teachers are very attentive and have a fantastic relationship with the children. 

Mother’s Name: Begaidarova Gulaim 
Children: Begaidarov Iliyas, 9 Years old 


We liked the courses, we don't regret becoming your students. Our child became more attentive and capable. We want to thank you for the opportunity to attend your courses in Almaty. We are hoping that our child Amir will represent our country KAZAKHSTAN in the INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION and he will demonstrate the skills acquired with (curses) UC MAS KAZAKHSTAN.

Mother’s Name: Kuzhahmetova Asel
Children: KONURKULDZHINOV AMIR, 6 Years old


We have been attending UCMAS KAZAKHSTAN since autumn.  The UCMAS program is interesting and unique. The program differs from other learning and development program.  My son is happy to go to UCMAS and he is achieving great results. He won first place in the First grade Math Olympic Games “Умники и умницы” We wish you every success. The benefits and possibilities gained from UCMAS are invaluable.

Mother’s Name: Tleuova
Children: Raiymbek,7 Years old


We are glad and grateful that the children of Kazakhstan have the opportunity to join the worldwide community of UCMAS! Our suggestions for your center: to establish online classes or via Skype. so that students who are unable to attend don”t miss class.
Special thanks to our teacher Sana Kurmanovna.

Mother’s Name: Maiyorva Marina
Children: SOLPOV MAKS,7 Years old


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