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I have 3 children at International English School of Abidjan doing UCMAS. They have done UCMAS for two academic years.

From their performance, I realised that UCMAS have helped them a lot in different ways. Firstly, it has helped them to calculate faster which is the main purpose of the program.

Secondly, it has helped them to reason faster. It has widen their reasoning ability. They reason more faster than before.

Thirdly, it improved their concentration level. They are always alert on whatever they are doing especially studying since they started UCMAS.

Lastly, UCMAS has helped them mentally, socially, and physically. It has improved their total well being and exposed them to competitions of all levels.

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Ezinne Ebele Adinnu

Parents' Testimonials  (updated: March 2018)


I am glad I chose the right path for my daughter and I would recommend the same to any parent who want their child to have an overall balanced growth.

Mother’s Name: Mrs. Chandan Rao 
Children: Aanushi Rao


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