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UCMAS Vietnam

Our son’s very happy whenever they come to UCMAS class. Beside studying, they have lots of friend there. When he learn about UCMAS, they can improve their skills like; concentration, impress deeply;.. imagination;...

Father’s Name : Tran Van Dan
Mother’s Name : Le Thi Dieli Thuy
Daughter’s Name : Tran Le Kien (9)

Parents' Testimonials  (updated: March 2018)

UCMAS Vietnam

Trinh Hoang Vu’s family would like to thank the teacher, Pham Tuan Tai, UCMAS Vietnam as always accompany him. Because of the teachers’ attention and the efforts of himself, he has won many grand prizes at UCMAS competition. We are happy and proud of my son’s achievements. The UCMAS program is not only an intellectual playing field but also help children to stay focus, thinking well in other subjects. Thank you UCMAS!

Father’s Name: Trinh Hang Phong

Children: Trinh Hoang Vu

UCMAS Vietnam

We value very highly about the child’s ability to focus after participating scientist UCMAS. My daughter can achieve long calculations in very little time. I think that, there is no any student can do that, if have not learned UCMAS yet. I would like to thank the teachers of center UCMAS Nguyen Khuyen and UCMAS of Malaysia..!

Father’s Name : Nguyen Anh Tuan
Mother’s Name: Do Thi Thuy
Daughter’s Name: Nguyen Ngoc Linh(8)


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